How Bonding Can Repair Small Chips Or Cracks In Your Smile?

How Bonding Can Repair Small Chips Or Cracks In Your Smile?

Tiny imperfections in your teeth can make a huge difference in your smile. Luckily, these small flaws are easily repaired with dental bonding. Learn more about bonding and how it can improve your smile with help from your North Vernon, IN family dentist.Bonding

What is bonding? 
Dental bonding combines your dentist’s expertise with your cosmetic wishes. By carefully molding composite resin materials directly onto the tooth in question, your dentist repairs its imperfections. The composite resin used is color-matched to the teeth to provide a natural appearance which will blend in with your smile perfectly. Bonding is often used in conjunction with other cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening, veneers, or dental crowns. If using bonding alongside teeth whitening, be sure to let your dentist know beforehand. Whitening procedures are not effective on composite resin materials and should be undergone before a bonding procedure.

What can dental bonding do for me? 
Bonding can repair many imperfections, including:

  • chipped teeth
  • discolored or yellowed teeth
  • uneven teeth length
  • uneven teeth width
  • small cracks

How does the procedure for bonding work? 
Your North Vernon family dentist begins the bonding procedure by thoroughly cleaning your teeth and ensuring they are free of plaque, food particles, and bacteria. A special solution applied to the tooth microscopically roughens its surface. This ensures the adhesive creates an effective and solid bond with the tooth. After rinsing the solution and drying the tooth, the bonding process begins. Your dentist molds the composite resin material onto the tooth, carefully molding it into the desired shape. A special bonding light directed onto the teeth hardens the composite resin and activates the adhesive.

Though bonding can repair many issues, it cannot take the place of necessary dental or orthodontic care.Your dentist can help you decide if dental bonding is right for you. They may also recommend other cosmetic procedures to further improve your smile. For more information on dental bonding, please contact Scott A. Terry, DDS in North Vernon, IN. Call (812) 346-4500 to schedule your appointment for dental bonding today!