By Scott A. Terry, DDS
December 03, 2015
Category: Dental Care
Tags: Cavities  

Find out everything you could ever need to know about dental decay.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), about 92 percent of adults between the ages of 20 to 65 have experienced cavities.Cavities This is a significant portion of the population that has already dealt with decay. While you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about cavities, perhaps you’re not really sure what they are and how they occur. Find out more about cavities and when to see your North Vernon dentist Dr. Scott A. Terry for treatment.

What is a cavity?

A cavity starts as a very small hole in the enamel of your tooth. This hole is the result of bacteria that is eating away at healthy enamel. Now that this hole has developed, bacteria can then get into the tooth. Over time that bacteria then destroys the dentin, or softer portion of the tooth, which your dentist in North Vernon will then need to remove and refill in order to preserve the tooth.

Sugar's Role in Cavities

While sugar definitely plays a role in the development of cavities, it’s not just sugar that is causing problems for your smile. Acidic food is another culprit that can alter the pH in your mouth and leave you more susceptible to cavities. So, what kinds of acidic things should you stay away from? Sugar-caffeine combos are a major no-no for your smile. That means caffeinated soft drinks, energy drinks and sugar-laden coffees can do some serious damage to your smile.

Snacks and Your Smile

Enjoy that afternoon chocolate bar that you hope will get you through the rest of the workday? Even though that little treat may only satiate your appetite for a little while it affects the health of your teeth for three hours. This is how long the pH in your mouth is affected and how long bacteria have the opportunity to create plaque and eat away at enamel. So remember to brush, floss, chew gum or rinse your mouth out with water immediately after snacking if you want to protect your smile.

If you haven’t had your six-month cleaning then it’s time to schedule that much-needed visit with your North Vernon, IN dentist today. Even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms, it’s still important to come in regularly. Sometimes the only way to catch a cavity is by coming into our office. Our goal is to protect your beautiful smile from decay, so call us today.