By Scott A. Terry, DDS
December 24, 2018
Category: Dental Care
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Family DentistryFind out how a family dentist can help you this holiday season and all year around.

It’s the holiday season and life is just a little bit more hectic than it usually is. The kids are excited to get out of school, they are hopped up on sugar and going to bed seems to be more of a debacle than usual. Of course, you’re also finding yourself running around, shopping for presents, and getting the house decorated and prepped. We know that this time is a crazy one, but when your child cracks a tooth on that candy cane or you experience a toothache in the middle of the night, whom can you turn to for immediate care? Well, our North Vernon, IN, family dentist Dr. Scott Terry, of course!

Have a Dentist Always By Your Side

Whether you need to schedule a cleaning or you or a little one is experiencing a true dental emergency, nothing gives you peace of mind like having a family dentist in North Vernon, IN, that you can turn to no matter what. We also offer comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages, so you never have to worry about turning to different dental providers for each of your family members. From 1-year-olds to those over 100, we offer the dentistry you need to maintain a healthy smile.

Promote Healthier Smiles For Your Children

Has your child already started to mimic what you say and do? If so, then you better believe that they are also learning from you how to care for their smiles. This is why it’s so important to bring them in for their first dental checkup around 1 year old. Plus, we make it convenient for the whole family to schedule cleanings on the same day so now your child can see first hand how important it is to take oral health seriously!

Keep Track of Your Dental History

If you have to jump around from dentist to dentist it can be difficult to keep track of some of those important medical details. Once you have a dentist that you can turn to for life, it’s easy to establish a working relationship and rapport. Plus, that dentist will know everything about your history and be able to tailor your treatment to meet your specific needs.

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